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Helping you and your colleagues to become more efficient & effective

Users of Market Research of any kind can spend an undue amount of time checking, re-analysing, and re-formatting data prior to presenting for internal use – sometimes this is necessary but often it is time consuming & tedious and can lead to lack of consitency & accurancy bewteen analyses, especially when different members of staff analyse the same data.

Consultancy Service




Analysis of UK Supermarkets' Clothing & Footwear Range  Structure & Pricing


Analyses of Womens’ Clothing Size Ranges


Analysis of UK Electrical Products


Comparison of Womenswear Ranges between websites in Norway, Sweden & Denmark


Analysis of Footwear Width Fittings across UK Websites


Analysis of Sportswear Brands between and within  selected UK Websites


Analysis of Ownbranded Clothing Ranges & Pricing


Analysis of UK vs. USA Clothing Brands in specific websites


"Gap" Analysis for Homeware products in selected websites


Identical Lines Analysis

Case Studies

We work alongside other agencies that provide different and/or complimentary information for our clients – helping to ensure that our clients receive a co-ordinated & consitent overview. Examples include:

  • Working with a company who provides quarterly retail audits to ensure a co-ordinated market view with all Product Group categorisations being the same between market sectors & to ensure that the data is reported in a consistent format.

  • Working with a “Data Scraping” company to check the raw data and ensure that the data and reports provided to our client are accurate and insightful.

Experience of working with 3rd Parties

Teamwork can solve this problem for you. On behalf of our clients ...

  • We provide ongoing support (for queries, data analysis, ad-hoc report production)

  • We check and/or analyse large amounts of data from other sources (internal or external)

  • We provide analyses when you would like an independent view (eg. for internal meetings)

  • We provide analyses when you need an independent view (eg. for making marketing claims)

  • We provide tailor-made, ad-hoc analyses in specific areas (eg. drilling down into raw data)

  • We analyse product categories that are difficult to be monitored by standard data scraping techniques

  • We offer the option to outsource the data analysis function as a cost effective alternative to internal data collection & analysis  

  • We provide educational sessions with end users to help them intergate data and to identify issues with data collection and checking

  • We collect like-for-like lines for shopping baskets when the proccess cannot be easily automated